Original Locations of all 32 Carnegie Libraries in Oregon
Compiled by Alice LaViolette

How Andrew Carnegie Turned His Fortune Into A Library Legacy


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Friends of the library are a volunteer organization who support and promote the services and programs of the library. Our library is one of a remaining few Carnegie Libraries that is still operating as a library in its' original structure.

Through their fund raising efforts Friends of the Library supply items which fall outside of the established library budget. Funds raised by Friends have purchased supplies for summer reading programs', built additional book shelves, purchased books, and brought in entertaining and learning programs for the community to enjoy.

Members donate their time to sponsor a spring or summer yard sale and a book and baked sale during the city's Grassroots Festival held in August. During the holiday season a Christmas tree raffle and open house are held.

Members volunteer their time to help brainstorm and decorate a float each year to be entered in The Eastern Oregon Livestock Show. The float is decorated to coordinate with the current theme of the summer reading program. The Friend's group donates supplies and treats to be used for this event. Members also volunteer during the Summer Reading program to help with crafts or where ever they are needed.